Michael Wellstead

For Sale

When it comes time to sell an Income and Investment Property, everyone wants to get the best possible price to maximize their ROI. Preparation, Marketing and Exposure, Presentation and Negotiations are all key areas which will ultimately determine the final sale price and if done effectively, drive out the kinds of returns your are looking for.

Preparation involves physically getting the property ready for sale; fixed up, cleaned up, getting tenants on board for viewings and optimizing the financials and last but not least an agreed to pricing strategy. No one wants to buy let alone pay top dollar for a property which requires major work, has poor financials or no opportunity to improve the financials to acheive a cash flow positive state and uncooperative or problem tenants.

Marketing and Exposure is critical to attracting quality investors and selling a property quickly, time is money. A professional and complete set of marketing material should include at minimum; comparibles, current and projected financials, schedule of maintenance and repairs, tenant package synopsis including leases, feature sheets and floor plans. Understanding who your buyers are is essential but ensuring you have access and expose your properties to them is critical to your success.

Presentation is all about creating the right first impression, will you present it professionaly or just list and wait for offers. Open houses, viewings, second viewings, tenant cooperation and condition of tenant units all need to be managed and well thought out.

Negotiations are all about getting to an acceptable outcome, best price and best terms for you the seller and navigating effectively through the entire process. Negotiation is a skill not an art and requires knowledge and experience in negotiations and the negotiations process as well as market and product knowledge.