Michael Wellstead

Buying an Income and Investment Property is relatively easy, buying a quality Income and Investment Property is considerably more challenging and why you may choose to work with a professional. The quality of the investment will ultimately determine the ROI you get and after all that is why you are investing, RIGHT. The wrong Location can make it difficult for you to attract quality tenants, increase rents,  capitalize on above average appreciation rates and eventually find it difficult to sell; poor Financials can make the climb to profitability difficult if not impossible and will result in nominal returns; the Condition of the property will absolutely determine your operating costs and your profitability, a poorly maintained property is usually indicative of larger problems. Quality properties equate to above average returns on your investments and many less headaches. So Location, Financials and Condition are the three pillars of building a strong high yielding property investment portfolio, don't be drawn in or foolded by mis-leading CAP rates, they only tell one part of the story or give clues to what's really going on.

At TIIPS, we look at 1,000's of Income and Investment Properties annually and only work with clients looking for high yields on their investments, Quality Income Properties. We know which are the hot rental areas in Toronto and which are the up and comming neighbourhoods, we are knowledgeable in the value in a particular property and the increased value that can be driven. Give us a call to see how we can assist in your financial objectives.

Needs assessments; price, location, size, timing, financing, exit strategy etc.

Identifying investment objectives: cash flow, ROI, CAP, GRM etc.

Income and Investment Property knowledge transfer

Income property selection and previewing

Comparative market analysis

Financial analysis for all interested properties

Property showing

Price and offer preperation, presentation and contract negotiations

Closing assistance

Landlord tenant knowledge transfer

Property management services and knowledge transfer